Cool stuff that came this patch – that I still haven’t tried.

Transmogrify: I guess the reason I haven’t tried it yet, is because I don’t see the point when I’m going to replace pretty much all the gear I’m wearing right now. And also I’ve had a lot of problems deciding how I want to look. I was thinking about the purple judgement set, but then I realized that the actual judgement set is waay more paladin. I was also considering the lightbringer set for a really long time, and I’m not sure I’m done deciding if it’s judgement or lightbringer I want to settle for.

Raid finder: I hate queueing for PvE-stuff alone. I need at least one familiar face when doing that, mostly because I’ve had some bad experience queueing alone in the past. When you’re alone it’s so much easier to be the one getting attacked for random things that wasn’t your fault in the first placeĀ (I’m a healer, so I know this like the back of my hand). Also raiding overall just seems scary to me, and therefore I’m not ever going to do it alone. Even the Baradin Hold is not something I’m willing to do by myself, I guess the haters really got to me at some point. PvE is also not one of my strongest sides, as there’s a lot of tacts involved, and I prefer the challenge another player is able to throw at me.

Feel free to enlighten me with your own experience with these new features in the comment section below.