Christmas celebration / Hurricane Dagmar

Finding something to blog about during any holiday should be easy, but I’m not the kind of person who enjoys celebrations with my family, so I try to avoid it. I did celebrate with my family this year, and it was a disaster. I did, however, get a few nice presents, such as new sheets that I picked out myself, decorative pillows for my new room, a picture of my uncle’s little angel and a bottle of wine.¬†What I hate the most about the end of December, must be the fact that there are two celebrations squeezed in with only 7 days between each other. I’m already gaining weight, goddamnit. Nee, I don’t really care about my weight, I just don’t like new year’s eve. Now that I think about it, until I have my own traditions I don’t think I’ll like anything other than my birthday.

Last night we were hit by a storm/hurricane, the power went out and we were sitting here in the dark listening to sounds that would remind anyone of a huge demon that just washed over everything and tried to destroy as much as possible. We lost about 4 trees to the storm, luckily they didn’t break anything when they fell. We were sitting with flashlights and burning candles telling each other scary stories because we were so bored without electricity – and internet.

First thing I did when I woke up this morning was to go outside and take pictures of the fallen trees.