Making excuses…

I’m assuming you’re just as sidetracked by christmas and new years, and well.. If you add slacker (and trying my best to avoid any contact with my family = sleeping) you can kinda see where I’m at right now. I don’t care about anything other than sleeping, eating, my kitten and my boyfriend. I’m such a slackerrr :3

Anywho.. I was planning on writing about my thoughts regarding Dragon Soul, the new raid in WoW, but then I realized that there’s no point for me to try to explain anything as I do not care that much for PvE. I guess I liked it, but PvP is way funnier. Too bad it’s really hard to find people that are skilled enough, and willing to stick in a guild even though it’s still in startup phase. I think we’ve all been slacking a bit when it comes to the guild, and now there’s lack of motivation and time out running us down. I had no idea that getting a guild up and running would be this, well.. not difficult, but challenging.

I’ll stop making excuses now and get my ass onto WoW ;)