I’m going to let you in on a little secret… What happens when you add this (see picture below) little fucker to brand new (expensive) headphones? Want to take a guess?

She looks harmless to me. She wouldn’t ever want to do anything but sleep, eat, cuddle and repeat, right? WRONG!

Harmless my ass.. I’ve had aaaa lot of trouble with my headsets the past year, and this was the very least I needed. So now I have to ditch everyone’s christmas presents because I’m getting myself another one of those…




Here we go again. I’ve been trying to get a different blog up and running, which is why I haven’t been so active here. I started playing again, and we’re trying to get the guild up and running, which makes it a hundred times more fun to play. I think I’m going to try to stick to this one now, as a personal blog about my life is not really it for me right now.

So the new season started today, aaand I wasn’t there to see it! I logged in briefly to see if my boyfriend was on, but he wasn’t so I logged off again. I have this test about some color-system-thing tomorrow, and unfortunately I have no time to spare and give to WoW. Sadpanda. And of course I’m working tomorrow, so hooray! I won’t find time for anything that involves the words fun, exciting or amusing until Friday. What a whine post! Haha!

Hopefully we’ll get a RBG-group going soon, and then I’ll have fun stuff to blog about!


LF new friends


Hello! Since I’m not really that keen on playing now days it’s really difficult to actually keep this blog going! It was so much easier when I was in a guild that was active and serious. Also I’m having a hard time making new friends on my new sever, which kinda sucks the fun out of the game. I guess that is what I miss the most about Sylvanas,

knowing so many of the people playing there, because I had been there ever since I started. I guess one can compare it to moving to a bigger city, you know no one..And as long as you’re not going to work (aka doing BGs/RBGs and/or dungeons) you’re not gonna make any new friends.

It’s really weird for me though, because I’ve never had any trouble making friends. I find the people at Ravencrest a lot nicer than everyone at Sylvanas. If you asked for help in trade you were likely to get trolled or spammed with sarcastic replies. Please be better than Sylvanas! 

If you care to read what I think about being a female gamer please click here!



With a new design and also a header I threw together at school, I’m hoping to feel the joy of writing bloom once again. When I made the header I was not aware of the length/height restrictions that wordpress so kindly put up to annoy the living shit out of me, so it’s kinda fail in my opinion, since that’s like 1/3 of what it really was…

I don’t really have that much to write about since I left Pwnswitch Engaged and Sylvanas behind. I’m still trying to settle down (yay: we found a spot to hang out at!) on my new server. So I’m not PvPing actively or anything. I was thinking about trying to get some PvE gear, just for the lulz of it, but I’m not sure I have the patience to actually get it :p I’ll do one Zandalari before wanting to chop my fingers off and never play again.

Aaaaanywho.. I’ve got some stuffs in real life to take care of the next few days, and will probably not spend a lot of time on my blog. Enjoy the freedom of the weekend guys!



A new beginning

Due to recent events Dennis and I have decided to start over, and transfer away from Sylvanas. There’s nothing here for us anymore, all my real life friends have either stopped playing or gone alliance or just simply gone to a different server. I think it’s gonna be good, I mean.. It’s not just Dennis and I leaving Sylvanas behind. I’ve got a few other buddies who’s tagging along for the ride. It’ll be a the beginning of a new adventure… All I need now.. Is money for the transfer :p


So much effort and time..

We’ve been working on some lame project about the old traditional Norwegian houses, and the way of living back in the old days. Here’s my final result, not including the ugly fail posters I made, it’s all written in Norwegian though, but that’s besides the point. The assignment seemed easy to begin with, but it showed itself to be a lot more work and time demanding than first expected. The project is due by tomorrow at 12, and I’m not really done – yay me!


Here’s the overview of all the pages I wrote – it’s all handwritten!


Here’s the last page, it’s probably the page I’m the most satisfied with.

I’d like to read what you think of my layout and all… :p


It’s a love/hate relationship

What do I hate the most about playing WoW?

Well.. If we’re gonna talk about stuff we don’t like about online gaming, I guess there’s the few players that are so immature that you actually would like to knock on their door and hand them their manhood. I mean… Seriously.. WHY ARE YOU ALL UP IN MY SPACE? I’m trying to enjoy a game here…

Oh and.. Since I haven’t been playing since release and also since I play with a lot of skilled players, it’s really easy for them to make me feel like a noob. I hate losing, I’m the worst loser in the world – we’re talking pure rage here. I don’t really know that much about any other class/spec except my own, but I find comfort in the fact that I know how to play my own class/spec. The reason for this post can be summed up in one word: ARENA. So.. I was doing Arena with Dennis, on his hunter, and as everyone knows I usually make horrible jokes about how much I suck in arena, and unfortunately there’s truth in ever single one of them. I’m not an arena player – yet. I need a lot of training, and training requires patience – which I lack.

What do I love the most about playing WoW?

I find this impossible to answer properly, but let’s try anyway. I love the social aspect of gaming over all, just the fact that you meet new people and you get the chance to know them in a completely different way compared to if you were to meet them at a party for the first time. The first impression isn’t relying on looks, it’s all about how you behave – how you choose to show yourself.

If we step away from all the amazing people I’ve befriended through WoW, we’re gonna look at RBGs. Compared to BGs, RBGs is way more of a challenge on all levels – specially when it comes down to communication and teamwork. Having a rating to think about, there will automatically be some sort of goal in the back of your head, making every second and every spell count for something. Meeting teams that are higher in rating and shitting on them is the best fucking feeling in the world, cause with a “disadvantage” of having the lower rated team there’s usually a lot of epic fights within the battle. Standing there, solo-healing 4 people for 5 minutes and then actually manage to cap the base – oh, how it makes me feel like the best healer in the world.

What do you hate/love the most about playing WoW?

Please leave a comment telling me what you would answer to the questions above!


Listen up girls, you want to know this!

Blogging about gaming, sounds lame, boring and like such a waste of time to most people. I was actually surprised to see how many people that’s actually doing it! And I think we somehow, even though we might not be the best at commenting each other, make a cute little community. You know I’ve been posting pieces of a story that Hazeen is writing, and as you probably know he’s also a gamer/blogger. We “met” because of my guild master telling me about his blog, and also telling him about my blog – I guess the fun part is that we clicked and are really good friends. Anyway this is all leading up to what I had planned to write about.

The Social Aspect of Gaming.

You, me and all the other gamers out there understand what I mean just from reading those five words, but there’s unfortunately too many people (mostly girls) out there who can’t possibly ever understand the social aspect of it all. Today I was talking to one of my new classmates, she’s a few years older than me, and she’s never had any experience with gaming. She only knew the “scary” stories about players that have given in to the addiction games like WoW may cause. And therefore her image of gaming is twisted completely. We started talking about gaming because a friend of mine (he’s also a guildie) came up to us and started talking about WoW. We discussed the social aspect of gaming, and her image of it all seemed a bit changed.

Because girls, not everyone goes into this insane addiction where they ditch work or school. There’s serious and hardcore gamers that put a lot of time and effort into their game, but there’s also casual players that does not put the same amount of time or effort into the game – I’m not saying casual players aren’t committed though, ’cause they can be.

Basically the social aspect is how you’re able to make friends online and being able to feel like you’re hanging out, even though you’re in reality not really actually hanging out. You might think that those friends aren’t as real as “real life friends”, but they are! If not even more real. During one week I spend more time with my guild than with my classmates, so it’s only natural that I get close with some of them. You talk about the game you’re playing, and along with that you’ll eventually see that you have more in common with a few people and like that.. You’ve got an online friend. Just as real as any other friend.

In my experience my online friends has been there for me more often than my real life friends. It’s also easier to seek comfort from someone that’s outside of your own life, someone who’s never going to meet your mom if she’s the problem you’re having at the time.

Wow.. This turned out to be one fucking wall of text, but there you have it! I don’t really know how to explain it any further. If you’re curious then go ahead and try it with a friend, maybe you’ll like it!


A warrior’s plea – Chapter Seven

Written by Hazeen.

As the spell made contact with Hakous head the warrior burst out into screams. The undead paused and Hakou stopped trashing momentarily. The undead brought forth a strange device, a trinket of some kind. Bracing herself for whatever horror might be unleashed upon her next Medina tensed.

The trinket emitted an eerie hum and began to glow. A small purple light surrounded the Undead’s throat. “You should be able to understand the words I’m uttering now.”

Taken aback by the flawless common she could only nod. “Your friend is in a dire condition, I suggest you heal him if you wish him to live. We have no need for the both of you.”

Before she could even begin to formulate a protest in her mind, much less utter one, the undead resumed his decisive torture of Hakou. The Silence blocking her wore off, or perhaps the Undead had simply canceled it. She wasted no time and immediately resumed healing Hakou with what mana she had left.

The undead seemed to possess infinite energy, or perhaps it was her depletion that made it feel as such. She forced herself to continue healing, drawing upon resources she had not known she possessed. It wasn’t just her commanding officer’s life on the line. She knew that if he perished she would not last long before being driven insane. Alone, frightened and abandoned in the dark.

She healed and still Hakou grew progressively weaker, she cast her heals until it hurt to cast them and continued still even after the point where the lack of mana began to blacken her vision. Through her fading consciousness she uttered one last desperate prayer before the darkness enveloped her world.

Hakou fought to control the pain but had little stamina to spare, what he had he needed to stay awake. It was only with sheer brute strength of will that he managed to keep from passing out when Medina collapsed beside him. Still in a state of shock it took him a great many moments before realising the pain had stopped.

“I will return with the rising of the sun. Sleep.”

Loath to obey any command from that monster Hakou tried to stay awake for as long as he could. He worried for Medina, he whispered a prayer to whatever gods would accept it. He was calmed when he noted her steady breathing. Slowly fatigue overcame him and with it came the dreamless sleep of exhaustion.

To be continued…

Legionnaire Victoriafr

Well.. We all know that I’ve been chasing the 1800-achievement in Rated Battlegrounds for ages now, all of season 9 I tried to get it, but the season ended like 2 wins away from that achievement. Oh the disappointment. The last couple of days I’ve been up at 1796, but then we lost and I fell all the way down to 1773 – which made the 1800-achievement seem even further away. But I am really happy to announce that today was my lucky day! After winning 2 in a row I was stuck at 1799 and we ended up getting Twin Peaks. The thing about Twin Peaks is either we faceroll it, or we totally fail – so I was kind of saying goodbye to my achievement, but oh no! Because of great communication and amazing people we won and I finally got my fucking achievement! I am sooo happiiiii!!!!

All in all.. We had a great raid tonight, our final score ended up being 6-1 I think! Which is fucking amazing! I think this is really going to up the motivation in the guild, which warms my heart so much ’cause at one point I thought we were going down.

Looks like we’ve engaged the pwnswitch again! Oh the cheesiness.