Guild Master: Fayween

Generals/Officers: Victoriya, Velithia

Veterans: Neydra, Sandzpuff, Moillana

<Aristeia> is a serious PvP guild @ Ravencrest, Alliance. Half of our core group transferred from Sylvanas, and we are currently seeking like-minded players to join our core group and guild, warlock (affliction), paladin (retribution) and warrior (protection) are the desired classes (specs) for the time being. We are also accepting social members!

If you’re looking for a guild to have fun with, become friends and improve your skills with – we are the right guild for you! We prefer you to be at least 18 years old, and have experience in arena and/or rated battlegrounds that’s closing in on or above 2k.

If you’ve got any questions track one of the 6 people above down and whisper one of us in-game, as we do not have a guildpage just yet!


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