Important message.

I’m sick and tired of this blog, and I felt like I would be more motivated to write if I started fresh on a different blog. The name on this one is also killing me, since I changed name when I transferred my character, and well.. I’m not blogging about WoW only anymore. So change, here I come!

Be sure to visit my new blog:


I hope to see you there :)


Radio silence

Woops. I’ve been neglecting my blog since I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately. School started on Wednesday, and we’re kicking it off with some kind of exam, so I’m crazy busy trying to prepare for it. The subject is interior design, and we’re given very few details, which makes it really difficult to know how to prepare.

My boyfriend moved here about a week ago, and we had to fix a lot of things in order for him to be allowed to work etc. So we’ve been running around to every office that has to do with such. Blergh. I don’t like office-people.

Last, but not least… I’m lacking energy, since I’ve been sleeping for two weeks straight :p Hopefully I’ll get better at making time for everything as I get used to living again x)

Making excuses…

I’m assuming you’re just as sidetracked by christmas and new years, and well.. If you add slacker (and trying my best to avoid any contact with my family = sleeping) you can kinda see where I’m at right now. I don’t care about anything other than sleeping, eating, my kitten and my boyfriend. I’m such a slackerrr :3

Anywho.. I was planning on writing about my thoughts regarding Dragon Soul, the new raid in WoW, but then I realized that there’s no point for me to try to explain anything as I do not care that much for PvE. I guess I liked it, but PvP is way funnier. Too bad it’s really hard to find people that are skilled enough, and willing to stick in a guild even though it’s still in startup phase. I think we’ve all been slacking a bit when it comes to the guild, and now there’s lack of motivation and time out running us down. I had no idea that getting a guild up and running would be this, well.. not difficult, but challenging.

I’ll stop making excuses now and get my ass onto WoW ;)

This is an announcement. (real life)

Talking about my personal life is not something this blog was meant to ever be about, but somehow I changed that. I figured it would be too much pressure to keep two blogs up when I barely can keep this one up, so I decided to mash it up.

Today, I have an announcement to make. Our household has increased by one, you see… My boyfriend, from Sweden, has moved here, to get rid of the distance and to find a job. Since I’m still in school it was the obvious choice that I get to finish school before moving anywhere. I am overly excited and happy, I can finally get to see my boyfriend every day.

This is a big step for any relationship, and a huge one at that. I mean, we lived in different countries. Our relationship took two steps at once, since I got myself a kitten a few months ago. So not only do we live together, we also share a cat. You might find it crazy, and I’ve had people telling me it won’t work, but being apart for a year is more than enough.

Now the only thing missing is the ring on my finger, but I guess I shouldn’t stress about that.

Christmas celebration / Hurricane Dagmar

Finding something to blog about during any holiday should be easy, but I’m not the kind of person who enjoys celebrations with my family, so I try to avoid it. I did celebrate with my family this year, and it was a disaster. I did, however, get a few nice presents, such as new sheets that I picked out myself, decorative pillows for my new room, a picture of my uncle’s little angel and a bottle of wine. What I hate the most about the end of December, must be the fact that there are two celebrations squeezed in with only 7 days between each other. I’m already gaining weight, goddamnit. Nee, I don’t really care about my weight, I just don’t like new year’s eve. Now that I think about it, until I have my own traditions I don’t think I’ll like anything other than my birthday.

Last night we were hit by a storm/hurricane, the power went out and we were sitting here in the dark listening to sounds that would remind anyone of a huge demon that just washed over everything and tried to destroy as much as possible. We lost about 4 trees to the storm, luckily they didn’t break anything when they fell. We were sitting with flashlights and burning candles telling each other scary stories because we were so bored without electricity – and internet.

First thing I did when I woke up this morning was to go outside and take pictures of the fallen trees.

Dear god.

I’m not at all religious, and I do not celebrate christmas because of Jesus being born and what not. I’m celebrating christmas because of the presents, not the ones I have to give – but the ones I get. But right now I’m almost praying to some kind of god that I’ll find it within my heart to start blogging again. It is something I’ve loved doing for way too long, and it feels very wrong throwing in the towel right now.

That being said.. There’s not a lot of things going on in my life right now. I can sleep however long I want to tomorrow, because today was the last day of school – yay! Other than that.. I still play WoW, but not as much/seriously as I did before. Which sucks, since I really do enjoy the game. I’m not working at the moment, as I’m too busy feeling sorry for myself. So what am I supposed to write about? I know this blog was supposed to be about gaming, mostly, and my perspective of things as a female gamer, but the borders has been crossed, and there’s no way back. I’m not really up for “relaunching” a new blog, and start over. So I guess for the time being you’ll have to deal with my every-day-shit as well :) Oh, and I do feel for you.


AKG by harman, in-ear headphones.

Say hello to my new in-ear headphones! They are a little bit too green for my taste, but the sound quality is way better than with the Apple ones. Then again it’s no secret that when you buy something from Apple you are paying a lot for it being Apple.

I haven’t really tried them out yet, but I think it’ll be an improvement compared to the Apple ones. Or well.. I guess I know it is.



I’m going to let you in on a little secret… What happens when you add this (see picture below) little fucker to brand new (expensive) headphones? Want to take a guess?

She looks harmless to me. She wouldn’t ever want to do anything but sleep, eat, cuddle and repeat, right? WRONG!

Harmless my ass.. I’ve had aaaa lot of trouble with my headsets the past year, and this was the very least I needed. So now I have to ditch everyone’s christmas presents because I’m getting myself another one of those…



Here we go again. I’ve been trying to get a different blog up and running, which is why I haven’t been so active here. I started playing again, and we’re trying to get the guild up and running, which makes it a hundred times more fun to play. I think I’m going to try to stick to this one now, as a personal blog about my life is not really it for me right now.

So the new season started today, aaand I wasn’t there to see it! I logged in briefly to see if my boyfriend was on, but he wasn’t so I logged off again. I have this test about some color-system-thing tomorrow, and unfortunately I have no time to spare and give to WoW. Sadpanda. And of course I’m working tomorrow, so hooray! I won’t find time for anything that involves the words fun, exciting or amusing until Friday. What a whine post! Haha!

Hopefully we’ll get a RBG-group going soon, and then I’ll have fun stuff to blog about!



With a new design and also a header I threw together at school, I’m hoping to feel the joy of writing bloom once again. When I made the header I was not aware of the length/height restrictions that wordpress so kindly put up to annoy the living shit out of me, so it’s kinda fail in my opinion, since that’s like 1/3 of what it really was…

I don’t really have that much to write about since I left Pwnswitch Engaged and Sylvanas behind. I’m still trying to settle down (yay: we found a spot to hang out at!) on my new server. So I’m not PvPing actively or anything. I was thinking about trying to get some PvE gear, just for the lulz of it, but I’m not sure I have the patience to actually get it :p I’ll do one Zandalari before wanting to chop my fingers off and never play again.

Aaaaanywho.. I’ve got some stuffs in real life to take care of the next few days, and will probably not spend a lot of time on my blog. Enjoy the freedom of the weekend guys!