When I started playing World of Warcraft, in March 2010, everyone kept telling me what to do – in other words, they wanted me to become a PvE healer, but I turned out to fall completely in love with PvP. The fun fact here is that I never touched BGs before I dinged 80, because I was scared.

Now I’m in a guild called <Aristeia> who’s a newly formed guild with a few real life friends of mine. We might go serious one day, but right now we’re just in a starting phase.

I’ve got a lvl 85 Human Holy Paladin (Victoriafr), and tons of lowlvl alts that I’m never gonna take all the way to 85 – maybe one day! A link to my characters armory can be found at the bottom.

By taking a look around my blog, you’d figure out that my character is named Victoriafr and that she can be found at Ravencrest. What most people assume is that “fr” stands for “France” – that’s wrong!

My real name is Victoria Frostad, I was born in february 1992 – which means that I should be 19 by now. I grew up in the capital city of Norway – Oslo. But moved back to my birthplace, on the west coast of Norway, in March 2005.

I dropped out of school last fall, so I decided to give my part time job more attention, while figuring out what I want to do with my life. After this summer I’m going back to school with only one thing in mind – graduating. I’ve always wanted to become a singer, but I’m gonna settle with interior designer – or something along that line.

Victoriya @ Ravencrest – Armory

The summer of 2010 was my first summer as a gamer, and I was kinda struggling to get my paladin to 80 – since I lack the will to quest (and level my characters all together). I had been playing with a friend of mine, who was constantly helping me by questing with me etc. One day my friend was doing HC on his main, and ran in to some people from Sylvanas, and for some reason they decided to invite him to their guild – and wherever he went, I went too. So after a little while I got an invite for that guild. I felt really misplaced, I didn’t know any of the people – all I knew was they they were Swedish. *Blablabla.. My friend and I stopped playing together after I dinged 80 due to him falling in love with me and me not being comfortable about it – I stayed in the guild though*

Only a few days later I get a whisper from my guildmaster, and we start talking about stuff that we find important – we realized that we had a lot in common and became friends “like that”. He was actually the one showing me the beauty of PvP, anyway.. We were constantly talking, and by now it wasn’t just on WoW – it was at Skype, preferably all day and all night. Shortly after that I realized I had it bad for this guy, but ofc I was never going to admit that to him. After a few months of acting like we were a couple, I pretty much forced the words out of his mouth and it turned out we were madly in love.

We decided to meet. I was so nervous when I arrived at the airport – I honestly do not remember anything, but saying “SMOKE – NAU!” the second I saw him. We had our first kiss that day, 27th of November 2010. The guy I’m talking about is ofc Dennis, also known as Vaynara, Raesha or Ayteir, my beloved boyfriend!

If you’re still wondering about something feel free to ask questions in the comment section below : )



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Måtte jo se innom bloggen din da, er ikke ofte man ser jenter blogge om wow, men jeg syns det tøft, jeg spilte selv litt før, men slutta da cataclysm kom, orka ikke lenger. Men stå på du har nok mulighet til å få med deg mange til å følge bloggen din:)

    • Hehe :) Det er mye man kan si om Cataclysm, på godt og vondt :p Jeg skal gjøre mitt beste! Håper du har lyst å følge med videre :)

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