This is an announcement. (real life)

Talking about my personal life is not something this blog was meant to ever be about, but somehow I changed that. I figured it would be too much pressure to keep two blogs up when I barely can keep this one up, so I decided to mash it up.

Today, I have an announcement to make. Our household has increased by one, you see… My boyfriend, from Sweden, has moved here, to get rid of the distance and to find a job. Since I’m still in school it was the obvious choice that I get to finish school before moving anywhere. I am overly excited and happy, I can finally get to see my boyfriend every day.

This is a big step for any relationship, and a huge one at that. I mean, we lived in different countries. Our relationship took two steps at once, since I got myself a kitten a few months ago. So not only do we live together, we also share a cat. You might find it crazy, and I’ve had people telling me it won’t work, but being apart for a year is more than enough.

Now the only thing missing is the ring on my finger, but I guess I shouldn’t stress about that.


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