Classes I’ve tried to level

Why I ended up leveling a Paladin as my first character on my own account has a lot to do with the people who had influence on me back then. I had already tried priest (I borrowed a friend’s account to try WoW before buying it myself), but it was boring and I had no idea how to play it. So I read up on a few things, and was pushed in the direction of paladin, as it seemed like the best “beginner”-class. By saying that I do not mean that you’re stuck being a beginner for as long as you play paladin, ’cause there’s so much potential in the class, that you need to be skilled to play it properly.

I’ve been playing paladin since I started playing WoW, and there has been a million times when I’ve wanted to just kill it and start a new class – and so I have decided to try to level up a new character. Somehow I seem to fail every single time, I just can’t sit down and level all the way to 85 without thinking I’ll die of boredom.

So which classes have I tried leveling? Which level did they end up being stuck at?

To be honest, I have tried to level all the classes available, except shaman.

Paladin, reached level 85 – thanks to a lot of help from friend (including RaF/boost). I love playing paladin because I feel like there’s so many opportunities.

Rouge, reached level 72 – The first character I leveled all by myself. I liked being able to lurk in the shadows, but the slow dungeons queues and being forced to quest knocked me off balance.

Druid, reached level 70/Sylvanas and 42/Ravencrest – The druid at Ravencrest is supposed to be RaFing with a friend of mine, but she’s so much of a slacker that we’re stuck at 42. I love playing druid, I actually like tanking as druid more than anything else.

Death Knight, reached level 66 – Not really an achievement, it got stuck because I was too afraid of tanking new dungeons alone. I know I’m a retard.

Priest, reached level 54 (still leveling) – For some reason priest is really fun right now, the irony is that I promised I’d never play priest, ever!

Hunter, reached level 50 – It’s so old I can’t even remember her name.

Warlock, reached level 20 – I liked playing warlock, but once again me not being able to commit to leveling made me fail.

Warrior, reached level 16 – I was supposed to tank with this one, but tanking as a lvl 16 warrior was far from entertaining or funny. So I have up on her, really sad though, since I really loved her name.

Mage, reached level 12 – Not at all the class for me, I figured that much out.


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