Dear god.

I’m not at all religious, and I do not celebrate christmas because of Jesus being born and what not. I’m celebrating christmas because of the presents, not the ones I have to give – but the ones I get. But right now I’m almost praying to some kind of god that I’ll find it within my heart to start blogging again. It is something I’ve loved doing for way too long, and it feels very wrong throwing in the towel right now.

That being said.. There’s not a lot of things going on in my life right now. I can sleep however long I want to tomorrow, because today was the last day of school – yay! Other than that.. I still play WoW, but not as much/seriously as I did before. Which sucks, since I really do enjoy the game. I’m not working at the moment, as I’m too busy feeling sorry for myself. So what am I supposed to write about? I know this blog was supposed to be about gaming, mostly, and my perspective of things as a female gamer, but the borders has been crossed, and there’s no way back. I’m not really up for “relaunching” a new blog, and start over. So I guess for the time being you’ll have to deal with my every-day-shit as well :) Oh, and I do feel for you.



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